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This program is designed for our 8-12 year old students. We sometimes have adults take class with their children in this class as well. In this program, we focus on the basics of martial arts, simple combinations, self-defense, and forms. We have recently separated classes for our white and gold belts students, so no one has to feel out of place when they first begin. Everyone in class will be very new to martial arts. Our basic curriculum will build the skills needed for their future in martial arts by focusing time into the basics, so the student has a great understanding of the technique. Students not only learn martial arts techniques, but they learn when and where to use it, and how they can be respectful individuals wherever they go. Our instructors do an excellent job of explaining techniques in a way kids can understand. They are motivating, fun, and positive leaders that will influence students on and off the mats. Our Basic program will shape kids into respectful individuals and build their confidence for anything

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